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We started Lucas' African adventures not only to work for ourselves and others but also to give opportunities to people who wouldn't have had them otherwise. Lucas African Adventures' primary goals are the preservation of culture and wildlife. We have structured our business so that we can help in these areas by funding a number of initiatives that we ourselves came up with. We provide upscale and affordable safari adventures, and we use the money we make to support our different charitable endeavors in Tanzania.

Our lodge safaris, culture safaris, walking safaris, treks, and hikes strictly adhere to the highest standards of customer service, financial value, and cultural integrity. All of our itineraries have been carefully planned in accordance with the amount of time we advise spending savoring the "adventurous" surroundings.

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Where are we from

Because they were all raised in the Arusha region, our mountain guides and team have a unique understanding of the mountains. On Kilimanjaro's Machame, Rongai, and Shira routes, we consistently receive praise for our professionalism and have a very high success rate. All of our chefs have a college education and are skilled in the art of producing delectable food on a budget while upholding the "laws of hygiene." Our safari and village guides are able to impart information because they are familiar with the behavior of wildlife and vegetation patterns.

Don't worry about our services

We carefully maintain our itineraries, running extra field trip missions to confirm or establish new and improved paths for carrying out our itineraries in order to provide our clients with the most enjoyable and culturally educating experience possible.

We present continuous staff education workshops to offer our clients optimal service for their personal journeys and adventures. At Lucas African Adventures, we believe in handpicking our staff not only based on their knowledge and experience but also their ‘personability’ and natural hospitality from arrival to departure. They know what factors make an adventure ‘special’.

Our mission

We invest only in quality equipment. Mountain equipment varies from national park equipment, which varies from village equipment.

Each set of equipment is specific to its intended use. We receive a lot of appreciation from clients who identify with our charitable objectives and we, in turn, appreciate any suggestions. We hope that you will appreciate our sentiments and support us in our journey!



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